The Perfect Features to Send Letters Online

No more tedious printing, inserting, or long lines at the post office. Pingen offers an innovative mailing experience with powerful features for posting letters.

Online letter service tailored to your needs

Online Letter Service Tailored to Your Needs

Flexible printing and shipping options.

Pingen offers black and white or colour, one- or double-sided printing, and mailing options like India Post Mail, Speed Post or DHL.

Up to 120 pages per letter

Letters can be sent with up to 8 sheets / 16 print pages to India and up to 60 sheets / 120 pages internationally. Pingen is suitable for sending simple invoices or voluminous contracts or documentation.

Track & Trace

Pingen's detailed track & trace keeps you up to date on the status of your letters, from printing to delivery.

Pingen Features

Letters as a Service

Our rich feature set is revolutionising how letters are sent online. Whether it’s used for local or international letters, Pingen offers the perfect service.

No Setup Fees

No Minimum Quantities

Pingen is perfect for small and large volumes, whether it’s hundreds or hundreds of thousands letters per month.

No Setup Fees

Keine Einrichtungsgebühren

Pingen can be used without setup fees or recurring charges. Pay only for the letters you send!

Multiple Shipping Methods

Multiple Shipping Methods

Pingen’s various shipping methods allow you to control delivery speed and costs.

Local Shipping	Local Shipping

Local Shipping Local Shipping

In addition to India, Pingen also prints and posts letters locally in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands.

International Shipping

International Shipping

Thanks to its partnership with DHL, Pingen also offers fast airmail delivery to the rest of the world as well.

Digital Returns Processing

Digital Returns Processing

Undeliverable letters are recorded directly by Pingen and destroyed unopened. All return information is then provided to you digitally.

Volume Discounts

Volume Discounts

Pingen offers individual pricing with attractive volume discounts starting at 5,000 letters per month.

Powerful API

Powerful API

The Post API and Pingen’s SDKs allow snail mail to be quickly integrated into software solutions.

Add Pages

Add Pages

Coming soon

Additional pages, such as your terms and conditions, can easily be added to uploaded documents.

Document Validation

Document Validation

Documents are automatically checked for mailing requirements. Potential problems can be corrected directly in Pingen.

Available on all Devices

Available on all Devices

Pingen works on computers, tablets, and smartphones. Keep control of your snail mail wherever you are!

Privacy Settings

Privacy Settings

You decide how long you want your letters and addresses to remain in Pingen. All data is hosted exclusively in Switzerland.

Manage multiple Users

Pingen lets you add additional users with individual access rights to your account.

Coming soon 2022: Its flexible user management enables access roles to be set up and adapted as necessary. This ensures users have only the permissions they need for their respective tasks and that data confidentiality is maintained.

UserIndividual Access ManagementIndividual Access ManagementIndividual Access ManagementIndividual Access ManagementUserUser
Letters with India Post Speed Post Tracking

India Post Letter and Speed Post

Letters to India can be sent via India Post Letter as well as India Post Speed Post.

For each letter sent via Speed Post, the official Speed Post tracking number is provided directly in Pingen.

The tracking number allows you to conveniently track the delivery of your letter via India Post as well as EMS speed post tracking – So you always know when your letter was delivered!

International Print and Send Infrastructure

Pingen built an international network of enterprise grade print facilities in India, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

With Pingen letters are always printed as close to the recipient as possible, providing you with the following benefits:

  • Fastest delivery speeds
  • Best possible prices
  • Least impact on the environment

Pingen’s fast expanding international network and the partnership with DHL guarantee that you always get the best deal – regardless of the destination of your letters

Letters with India Post Speed Post TrackingSend Snail Mail wordlwideSend Snail Mail wordlwideSend Snail Mail wordlwideSend Snail Mail wordlwideSend Snail Mail wordlwideSend Snail Mail wordlwideSend Snail Mail wordlwide
Send Snail Mail global
Send Snail Mail global
Send Snail Mail global
Send Snail Mail global
Send Snail Mail global

Send Letters Directly from Software Solutions

Pingen is integrated into many popular software solutions or available as an add-on.

Send Letters online via bexio
Pingen Classic
Send Letters online via Salesforce
Pingen Classic
Send Letters online via smallinvoice
Pingen Classic
Send Letters online via ServiceNow
Pingen Classic
Send Letters online via Odoo
Pingen Classic
Send Letters online via Dropbox
Send Letters online via Email attachement
Email attachement
Send Letters online via Google Drive
Google Drive
Send Letters online via OneDrive
Send Letters online via SFTP
Send Letters online via REST-API

Currently, the selected integrations are only available for Pingen Classic. If you need to send letters via one of these external software solutions, please sign up for Pingen Classic.

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