Send Letters from Dropbox

Do you want to send documents from your Dropbox directly via postal mail?

Pingen’s Dropbox integration it is the smartest and fastest and most convenient way to send your documents via snail mail.

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How to Send Letters from Dropbox

How to send Snail Mail via Dropbox?
Just use Pingen!

With the Dropbox integration of Pingen documents can be sent via snail mail in no time!


Register an Account with Pingen

Before you can use your Dropbox to send postal letters you first need to create an account with Pingen.

Don't worry, Pingen requires no minimum quantities or monthly subscription fees.

Register for the Dropbox integration
Connect Dropbox with Pingen

Connect your Dropbox Account

Next logon to Pingen and connect your Dropbox account.

First you need to click on Integration in the main navigation and then select External Drives. Next switch to the Dropbox tab and click on Connect to Dropbox to start the integration.


Grant Access for Pingen

In the next step logon to your Dropbox account and grant Pingen access.

Once access has been granted, Pingen will automatically create a new folder labelled "pingen" in the Apps folder of your Dropbox.

Any PDF stored in the "pingen" folder is then automatically synced to Pingen on an hourly basis.

This way you can use the "pingen" folder to conveniently send documents as postal mail.

Grant Access for the Pingen Dropbox Integration
Configure the Dropbox Integration of Pingen

Configure the Dropbox Integration

Once Dropbox is connected, the following configuration options become available in Pingen:

  • Automatically send PDFs stored in the "pingen" folder via Post.

  • Only upload the PDFs stored in the "pingen" folder to manually send them via the Pingen WebApp at a later point in time.


Send Letters via Post from Dropbox

You are all set and ready to send documents as postal letters directly from your Dropbox!

Simply save them as PDF in the "pingen" folder and have Pingen print and post them automatically for you.

Send Letters via Post from Dropbox
Track Letters sent via Dropbox

Track the Progress of your Letters

In the Sendcenter of the Pingen WebApp you can then track the processing of your letters. This way you’re always up to date regarding the status of your letter!


Send Snail Mail via Dropbox -
Locally and Internationally

Ignore long queues at the post office. Simply submit your letters via Dropbox and have Pingen take care of the rest.

Local Mail Service Provider

Local Mail Service Provider

Pingen locally prints and sends the letters in Germany Switzerland, Austria, India and the Netherlands.

International Mail Delivery

International Mail Delivery

Letters to the rest of the world are delivered out of Germany via airmail through our partnership with DHL.

Reliable and Ready to Scale

Reliable and Ready to Scale

Pingen offers high reliability and perfect scalability thanks to our cloud and multi-site printing infrastructure.


Additional Delivery Channels

Next to Dropbox Pingen also offers add-ons and integrations for many popular software solutions.

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Send letters online with Salesforce
Send letters online with smallinvoice
Send letters online with ServiceNow
Send letters online with Odoo
Send letters online with Dropbox
Send letters online as Email Attachement
Email Attachement
Send letters online with Google Drive
Google Drive
Send letters online with OneDrive
Send letters online with SFTP
Send letters online with REST-API
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Ready to Send Letters via Dropbox?

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