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Use Pingen's online post service to handle all your postal communication online. Submit your documents online as postal mail, track every processing step, and manage your business correspondence digitally in one place.

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Reduce your letter mailing efforts by 90%

With Pingen's online post service, you simply upload your documents as PDFs and submit them for mailing with just one click. Pingen turns your digital documents into high-quality physical letters and ensures reliable delivery via India Post and DHL.

Traditional letter mailing:

Print documents

Package documents

Stamp letters

Deliver letters to the post office

Post letters for sending

Online Post Service:

Upload documents as PDFs

Post letters for sending

Full control over your mailings

Pingen's service unifies all your mailing processes in one place. It’s easy to add users and coordinate the sending of your letters together.

Manage Letters Online

The Pingen WebApp shows you which of your documents are waiting to be sent, have been sent, or could not be delivered, ensuring efficient management of your postal mailings.

Detailed Track & Trace

After you submit your letters, Pingen allows you to track every processing step. This way, you can always stay up to date and maintain full control over your mailing activities.

Digital Returns Processing

If a letter can’t be delivered by the post, it will be reported in the Pingen WebApp. Furthermore, you’ll receive an e-mail notification with information about any returns.

Insightful Dispatching Statistics

Pingen analyses your delivery rates to provide valuable information about your address quality. This helps you continuously optimise your address data.

For business mail of any kind

Whether you’re sending invoices, marketing materials, contracts, or KYC (Know Your Customer) verifications, Pingen's online post service simplifies the processing of all types of business letters with maximum efficiency.

Postal Invoicing


Physical invoices are often seen as more important and paid faster. Pingen makes sending postal invoices efficient and effortless, allowing you to accelerate the payment process and improve your customer relationships.

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Postal Invoicing

Mail Merge Letter


Instead of having your newsletters getting lost in overcrowded email inboxes, you can reliably reach your customers with mail merge letters. Pingen enables you to send personalised mail merge letters that strengthen customer loyalty and convey your messages in a targeted way.

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Mail Merge Letter

Bulk Mailings


Pingen’s efficient online post service is ideal for large bulk mailings. Whether you're sending a dozen or thousands of documents, Pingen's powerful processes can easily handle up to 30 000 letters per hour.

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Postal InvoicingPostal InvoicingPostal Invoicing
Postal Invoicing
Mail Merge Letter
Bulk MailingsBulk MailingsBulk MailingsBulk Mailings

From Developers to Developers

Powerful letter API for integrators and software providers

Pingen provides a flexible and scalable letter API that extends your software with automatic postal mailing capabilities. Thanks to the provided Software Development Kits (SDKs), integrations can be implemented in just a few minutes.

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Online Post Service API
Free API Access

Pingen exists to make processes more efficient and automated. That's why Pingen offers you free API access.

Additional Revenue

Offer online post service in your software and leverage the potential of Pingen to generate additional revenue.

Automatic Validation

Pingen automatically validates documents for postal requirements. Issues can be fixed directly via the API.

Sandbox / Staging Environment

Pingen's sandbox environment lets you freely explore all of features without actually sending documents.

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